Get Started with the Habits of Customer Service

Company Policy

Policies are written to help prevent problems. They are often written by people who don’t think about how it will affect customers or employees. When policies are poorly written, they can cause many customer service problems.

Employee Empowerment

Even with the best training and the best policies, if your company’s culture is not one that encourages empowerment, then customer service will suffer. In the mos muneris simulation helps uncover failures and opportunities to empower employees.

Service Recovery

Mistakes happen. If we have a plan to deal with this, then we can keep our customers from being mad. A customer service recovery plan includes both the economic and operational piece as well as the process of what to do when someone makes a mistake in your company.

Employee Training

One of the leading reasons that customer service fails is because we don’t take time to train our employees on customer service. We’re in such a hurry to get them productive that we don’t give them enough training on experience. In the mos muneris simulation, you’ll learn how to train your staff so they will be able to give better customer service.

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Who is mos muneris for?

mos muneris is designed for associates that have passion and influence in the customer service policy and procedures of the organization.

How many attendees do I need?

mos muneris is effective from 9 to 40 with one facilitator.

Who can facilitate mos muneris?

mos muneris is facilitated by Aegis 360 certified partners and internal organizational facilitators certified by Aegis 360

What support is available after the simulation?

Once the simulation is complete the team will be ready for a through review of their customer service practices and to plan for improvements.